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Marangoni Palace is located in the historic center of Lauria. Thanks to the foresight of the Church of the Basilicata Region, the City of Lauria and operational association Magna Grecia, this site as well as hosting cultural events will also be home to salt that certainly will draw the attention. The building will also be a continuous stimulus in creating activities that may develop even “out of the palace” with the intent to enhance and promote the territory in all its aspects. But there’s more. Just start a route from the Palace Marangoni Urban Trekking to one of the most beautiful places of Lauria (the fortress of the Assumption), which represents a first step even when compared to a renewed interest in the many treasures in the area that should experience it in new ways .
Thanks to some design drawings, raise the veil on a big dream, a realization gardne which will be inaugurated in the summer of 2015.

Biblioteca Cardinale Brancati

Sala Beato Domenico Lentini

Pagine da Pianta_Palazzo_Marangoni
L’utilizzo delle sale di Palazzo Marangoni

Percorso Terekking Urbano

Percorso Trekking Urbano

Percorso Rocca dell’Assunta

Percorso Rocca dell’Assunta (in pdf)