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Sometimes the fantasy than reality . And ‘ what happened axis Sassari- Lauria – Maratea. For about a year , on the tables of the Association of Ancient Greece Lauria peeked image that reproduces a fresco of Cardinal Lorenzo Brancati . To find her in the network lauriota Dr. Paul D’Imperio with which the association had shared a trip to the Library of Seraphicum to Rome and the Basilica of the Holy Apostles on the occasion of the organization of the first edition of Vivilauria .
Curious about the word ” Cano ” under the image of a Franciscan friar . The first thought , really daring , was that the paintings belonged to Canova . Find a link between the great artist and the monk who touched lauriota the papal throne in 600, it appeared something extraordinarily fascinating, but as he was preparing … would leave you breathless. Already this summer , the association had discovered a “new” track important : Father Francesco Cocco Secretary General of the Conventual Minor, visit the Roman gave the right hint : Cano is not a surname but it is a truncated famous brother lived in 800 Sardinian architect and artist , who has created many beautiful churches , one in particular in Sassari . He died young , falling from scaffolding in order to carry on his work. Internet did the rest and has allowed us to admire , even at a distance, the church of St. Mary of Bethlehem in Sassari adjacent to the convent of the Minor Conventual . The news opened new horizons but everything still looked messy : that there was a Cardinal Brancati in Sardinia ? His fame had come there as well ? All this could make sense if you consider that a few months of the death of Brother Luke’s (1693 ) the news was bounced in the English papers . So the fame of the cardinal was not to be underestimated even in a historical era slowed dala lack of telephone , television and internet … especially .
Months went by , we attempt contact with Sassari … because the nose brings in the beautiful Sardinian city known for its chandeliers and a wonderful old town . Suddenly, “the sign ” long overdue , resulted in the most unlikely. A phone call to the office , the Echo had occupied the Carnival of Valle del Noce, a kind and gentle person asks if there may be room in the paper to highlight the effort of a group Maratea style that had produced a very nice float .
The phone is friendly, the other party is in Maratea but working out … it’s a military man, Marshal of the Army in Sassari , is called Luke Monetta . The name ” Sassari ” becomes a sort of password, an element that enhances a relationship that is now enriched with meaning. Begin hours of dense information. Luke has already motivated the next day , in the church where he is to originate another spark. The marshal Monetta fact makes the acquaintance of Brother Luke Atzeni , Franciscan inspired , trained , and already in love with the story … admirer of Cardinal lauriota ! When Luke, the Lucan speaks of Brancati and specific image , the young monk Sardinian interrupts him : look you’re in the right place, you’re right underneath , turn your eyes to the sky ! The marshal , he loses his breath for a moment : it is located under a dome with the majestic and beautiful frescoes by Lorenzo Brancati ! Incredible ! Gianfrancesco has landed in Sardinia!
Brother Luke preaches : inside the dome Brother Cano wanted to portray the personality bigger than the convent children have had in the course of their history … popes, saints and cardinals illustrious brothers !
This is the simple story of an extraordinary and fortunate encounter that certainly will generate abundant fruit .
This bond can only excite and push the association lauriota in that work of development of a truly extraordinary character considered among the greatest of 600.
The cultural commitment of the association Magna Grecia is linked to the development of Marangoni building that is a place of physical culture, but is also ” currently immaterial” stimulus for enhancing the area beyond its mighty walls . This action will be enriched by a new tile Sassari after Cupertino , Assisi , Bologna, Arezzo, Siena, Lazio Albano , Agerola … who knows how many more there will still be surprises .
The Sardinian land reserved fact other news. In the same church , Gianfrancesco could not get near her friend … Joseph of Cupertino ! An altar beautiful, but also a very recent discovery . In the church of Sassari there is another altar dedicated to a saint mistakenly but instead , thanks to the work of restoration , was built to venerate the saint of their flights . Other material for the friends of Cupertino !
So this is the chronicle of a finding that proud Lauria and his great historical figures .
Research of this type become an important asset on which to build a meaningful projects that can range and offer new and renewed stimuli. From culture to twinning , in the care of the spirit that enhances everyday life.










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