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The Association was born in Ancient Greece Lauria in 2003 with the intent to enhance this ambitious project to provide the city with an ancient history a series of cultural opportunities and important comparison. The partnership is part of a journey, in terms of cultural and social commitment started in the mid-’90s with a plethora of major initiatives and the establishment of important local information channels (newspapers and television).
” Magna Grecia ” is a container of planning that has a slogan: concreteness.
Operation and pragmatism are the fundamental concepts that characterize a person who believes the investment in culture is not an end in itself but the basic premise for a more rich and plural.
During more than 10 years of activity there have been many initiatives from the enhancement of the figure of Cardinal Lorenzo Brancati . The association has linked in a special way to share his knowledge of this extraordinary figure .
Over the years the association has published two volumes on the life of this character and is able to be restored, thanks to a donation to the sensitivity of the Parish of St. James Lauria , a falling space turning it into a cozy room for meetings, conventions and a film club (Sala Cardinal Lorenzo Brancati ) . All associations were giovate Lauria of this space, offered free of charge, to give life to significant initiatives .
In these ten years , relief have been a series of cultural conferences and initiatives in the historic city center. In collaboration with the City of Lauria , the association has worked and made possible a partnership with the city of Cupertino , Salento actually tied to the cardinal lauriota because of an old friendship between the two franti convent .
This twinning has generated the naming of a square in Apulia Basilicata illustrious prince of the Church . At the same time the holy Cupertino was dedicated a statue in the district of Lower Lauria . These activities also aim at a busy tourist and cultural relationship between the two companies .
Another important trend has been the deepening of the former Railway Calabro Lucan which generated even writing a book with the expert David Nesi .
In fact , the story ” sad ” the FF.CC.LL. is under the eyes of all. The many ruins scattered along a path of great natural and historical interest , are the most obvious sign of a failure of a man with an idea to design truly visionary .
Perhaps, in the late 70s were not yet ripe for a relaunch is that he could be a driving force of extraordinary growth for an area suited to a quality tourism. Do not forget that the ” railroad betrayed ” would have crossed two parks : the Pollino as well as that of the Val d’Agri – Lagonegrese . In short, in a setting worthy of the most beautiful Mediterranean landscapes , would fit a system of locomotives useful to connect the many villages in the valleys of Calabria and Basilicata as well as allowing many tourists can enjoy pristine environments .
Unfortunately, history has gone in the opposite direction to these arguments . In reading the press of the time , you’ll find heartfelt complaints of the local ruling class to which it is interfaced a real desire to maintain a railroad from the great engineering value . Of course , the wonder of this railway is also related to the man-made , at the beginning of the last century , to allow locomotives to win many swings as well as the many hardships of morphological unique territories . Outstanding are the galleries as well as bridges to the works in support of the railway.
Unfortunately, in addition to stop a nefarious policy blatantly service , allowed the slow but inexorable dismantling of all structures. Strong impetus was given to historical research on the bombing of Lauria, a story that struck deep into the territory. 40 people were killed . Many initiatives have been organized . Particularly significant presences in the course of time, Senator Emilio Colombo and the Military Band of NATO. The printed volume that the association was appreciated by the people who still jealously guards it . The partnership that is a non- profit organization, has designed a series of courses that will provide very significant , if established and promoted, cultural and tourist opportunities of extraordinary importanza.L ‘ association has created ” Vivilauria ” a series of events that are a perfect blend of culture, tradition , twinning and aggregation . It is finally completed a collaboration with the parish of St. James, with the Diocese of Tursi – Lagonegro and with the City of Lauria to manage an ancient structure called the ” Palace Marangoni .”

The Director of Palazzo Marangoni Vincenzo Cosentino. Born June 13, 1967 in Lauria has all’attovo different experiences in the field of culture and tourism. Nell’associanismo engaged from an early age he was among the founders of the Eco Lauria and all activities related to the historical re-enactment of Admiral Roger. His artistic choices and graphics are designed to present the best city in a broader geographical area. It was one of the founders and one of the protagonists of the phenomenon of radio and television in the late ’80s in the south of Basilicata. Among his most outstanding qualities that related to graphic design, has made ​​the valuable maps of Lauria in addition to the tables in which the historical information artististiche have enhanced and exalted the treasures of the city.

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