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A new light  engineer Saint Nicholas, an extraordinary inventor of Lauria

Thanks to the mayor of Gaetano Mitidieri Lauria and Dr. Paul Roncari has given new impetus to the research related to the extraordinary life of Saint Nicholas Lauria engineer who was also a friend of Guglielmo Marconi. In Scalea, Largo Ruggero di Lauria (could not be otherwise!) Lives a nephew of the illustrious personage. Ms. Continua…

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Agnese Scaldaferri, sensible and noble figure of Lauria

Scaldaferri is one of the most noble of Lauria. Teacher, head teacher, it was fully committed to volunteering starting with the Mov. Extinguished in febrary 2013, in the interview by Rita Galietta tells his life. On the occasion of the interview was also presented his volume of poems entitled “The words of the soul.” Prima Continua…

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Don Gaetano Giordano, "General" Lauria

On January 25, 1992 left this earth, the parish priest Fr Gaetano Giordano Lauria. He left an indelible mark in the parish of St. James. Generations of young people have been linked to a priest with a strong charisma and great organizational skills. He died a few days after the conclusion of the Pastoral Visit Continua…

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Gelsomina Scaldaferri, the journalist at the heart of all

On September 11, 1994 was extinguished Gelsomina Scaldaferri. It ‘hard to catalog it as lauriota (qualification which was very important since it was also a very young city councilor of the DC), because in every environment in which it operated (power, Conversano …) unleashed affection, admiration and sympathy. He had two passions above all else: Continua…

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 Anna Forastiero, an entrepreneur sensible and generous

Anna is Forastiero Lauria, from time entrepreneur in the field of cultivation and marketing of woodland products (famous strawberries). His company is on Mount Sirino, in one of the most beautiful places of Basilicata. His hard work, always done with a smile, not to forget the past. In December last year, for a month, he Continua…

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Joseph Iannarella example of generosity

Among the best volleyball player, now coach of the national women’s volleyball thick, Joseph Iannarella has dedicated his life to the family, and commitment to the sport in society. He founded the Group in Lauria Lucan Civil Protection, is currently a city councilor.

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Pittella Mario is one of the icons of the "Lauria-style", ie the ability of laurioti to be appreciated for professional skills and commitment

The entrepreneur Mario Pittella is among the most famous of Lauria. Dynamic and strong-willed manufacturer, highly regarded for its concreteness and its particular taste in restoring buildings, has become the protagonist (so voluntary) of the recovery and the lighting of a glimpse of Lauria of the most characteristic: the iron bridge the neighborhood tavern that Continua…