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Thanks to the mayor of Gaetano Mitidieri Lauria and Dr. Paul Roncari has given new impetus to the research related to the extraordinary life of Saint Nicholas Lauria engineer who was also a friend of Guglielmo Marconi. In Scalea, Largo Ruggero di Lauria (could not be otherwise!) Lives a nephew of the illustrious personage. Ms. Gilda Caimo decided to donate to the town of Lauria of the material belonged to the great inventor who will stay nell’istituendo Palace Marangoni. On 24 August, the Mrs. and Dr. Gilda Roncari Lauria will be guests of the Mediterranean Prize. In the next issue of the Echo will be devoted to a special page of this true story. Recall that last year was established, during Vivilauria, the premium associated with Saint Nicholas talent and emigration.

St. Nicholas was born in 1889 in Lauria. Moved to Naples, where he became interested in telegraphy by providing a device that would have prevented, according to the discoverer, the collision of trains. After moving to Paris he met a leading figure in the field of aviation in Brazil: Santos-Dumonti Alberts. This event marked the beginning of a Holy life full of successes. He went to Brazil where he built a “hangar” for airships that subsequently transformed into a large modern workshop assembly of aircraft from which came the first aircraft built in Brazil. He was appointed Technical Director of Aviation, a post he held until 1938. Never accepted the Brazilian citizenship being very close to Italy. He died on January 8, 1963.

Immagini inedite dell’ingegnere Nicola Santo

Il dottor Paolo Roncari

Il sindaco di Lauria Gaetano Mitidieri

La signora Gilda Caimo