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A bridge with Albania. And ‘this is the ambitious project that aims to further the Association of Ancient Greece Lauria in collaboration with the Consulate of Gjirokastra. The idea has been developed taking into account the great commitment that Caritas Lucan and in particular that of the Diocese of Tursi – Lagonegro expended during the emergency of 1991 when thousands of Albanians poured on the Apulian coast . Leading the Caritas of the territory was prof. Luke Earl of Latrobe . After qualla stage developed projects help with the construction of schools, financed by Basilicata , in the land of the eagles . Italy is at the heart of the Albanians who continue to choose Italian as the first “foreign” language . From these assumptions, the idea was born to create a veritable library dedicated to Cardinal Brancati at a school in Gjirokastra. Many citizens have already enthusiastically donated books by buying them for the occasion, others have offered volumes in excellent condition . In the holiday season of 2013 was the foundation stone of this important project of solidarity.

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