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Original and far-sighted idea was conceived in the Basilicata region to put in a series of paths to discover the historical towns at the same time extolling the characters that have characterized the region over the centuries .
This opportunity was seized by the city of Lauria and in particular by the Association of Ancient Greece.
The partnership that is a non- profit organization, has designed a series of courses that will provide very significant , if established and promoted, cultural and tourist opportunities of extraordinary importance.
The Association has suggested to rotate “the idea of ​​the project” around an ancient structure located in the center of Lauria ( Marangoni palace ) from which, ideally radiate a series of activities that will develop and grow the cultural offer attracting renewed Lauria and interest in the Valle del Noce .
” Magna Grecia ” in the past has entered into a fruitful relationship with the parish of St. James, and with the Diocese of Tursi – Lagonegro . The long-term use of the building Marangoni entrusted to the association by the church bodies in a perfect unity of purpose , is now the first , an extraordinary piece, an ambitious project .

The association has also interacted profitably , thanks to an agreement signed with the City of Lauria which is the implementing agency identified by the region of Basilicata. Magna Grecia has designed a series of interventions through decades of experience in the field of culture.

PALACE Marangoni . The structure is designed to accommodate a wide range of cultural events and entertainment , diluted throughout the entire year thanks to a schedule prepared by the association. In particular, the palace is arranged an exhibition area for exhibitions and conferences dedicated to the painter Mariano Lanziani , which you can admire the works reproduced and more visible in the spaces provided. One wing of the building is designed in the first nucleus of a museum which also contains archaeological finds. Other rooms are devoted to the history of Lauria , its people , its traditions .
Significant and striking the terrace of the building, with stunning views of the historic center , which will host cultural events details. A real “gem ” is the ” Butterfly House ” dedicated to children .
Finally , at the entrance of the building will place an olive tree from Assisi. Recall that the cardinal was responsible for two years of the Franciscan order of the Umbrian town famous all over the world.

NATURE TRAILS . Among the pathways identified , certainly the one that connects the Bottom of the hill district of the Assumption is among the most striking . Other trails connect monuments and special local beauties favoring urban trekking which is increasingly developing in the area that is nationally and internationally.

POSTER . The churches and major landmarks are described in Italian and English, thanks to the artistic message boards placed adjacent to structures chosen . There are two information displays in the city center .

WEBSITE. Multilingual web space is the window to the world of a project that aims to establish itself even beyond the territorial boundaries . The site is in English and is a point of reference for the activities of the association and in general for cultural events that develop in the valleys.

As you can see , the cultural project , exciting and engaging, it has a wide , articulated and reasoned challenging . This planning fielded intends to connect to other cultural institutions, national and international , in order to provide a significant boost to the city and its territory.