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200 B.C. created the first settlements in the territory lauriota which will become home to some of the refugees from the centers of Iriae and Seluci inside, and Blanda Yulia from Calabrian coast.

200 A.D. King Pyrrhus of Epirus takes aim along the valley causing death and destruction.

406 A.D. Alaric the Visigoth troops in slope towards the river fatal Bussento flatten populated areas lauriote .

906 A.D. The Saracens destroy the village again .

1250 Richard Loria united in a second marriage with a beautiful woman (Isabella ) Lance accounts of Loreto, becomes father of Roger of Lauria appointed by Admiral Peter III of Aragon.

1305 He died on 17 January in Valencia Ruggiero di Lauria . The library houses a painting of Barcelona with the following words: no sailor , no warrior ever surpassed him in the virtues of military , naval and many victories . Historically, it can be said that Ruggiero was the soul of the Sicilian Vespers and the man who changed the fate of the ‘ Southern Italy , promoting the coming of the Spaniards . After the admiral to hold the fate of Lauria was the eldest Ruggiero Benegario and then the daughter Ilaria .

1317 King Robert of Anjou , son of Charles , turning to Giustiziarato of Basilicata send a written order to intervene to punish a people’s rebellion against the local vicar .

1319 The Countess Ilaria Sanseverino, daughter of Roger of Lauria, builds a convent , now called the Immaculate Conception ( the location was in the area at the beginning of the ” Bells “).

1319 Pope John XXII authorizes the Order of Friars Minor to start the construction of a monastery called ” great.” Later it was completely destroyed and if it sank into oblivion .

1338Lauria became the county ( it will remain until 1806 ) as the new lords of the accounts Sanseverino . In fact Ilaria daughter of Roger was married to Henry Sanseverino . Surnames from the county of Lauria is the son of Francis and Henry Ilaria . A son Stephen Francis follows the very active and concrete especially in the military.

1400 At the beginning of this century can be traced back to the founding of the Brazilian Abbey of great prestige . The first abbot of the monastery has to bear the name of Anthony. In the village of San Felipe , home of the Abbey , a huge crowd of pilgrims go every year on the occasion of the anniversary of the saint to whom it was dedicated . A landslide destroyed the religious site . The bell tower was visible until 1940.

In a 1459 document , and through various grants are laid down in the accounts Sanseverino to the inhabitants of the lands of Lauria ” because addimostratisi loyal vassals”.

1487 Barnabò Sanseverino son of Stephen, was one of the organizers of the ” conspiracy of the Barons .” King Ferdinand subdued the revolt and the price of living was made to the conspirators . Barnabas was killed in Naples bunk Egg. The county was confiscated to the Sanseverino , was reground to the family until 1516 . The new Earl of Lauria was Bernardino.

1507 Pope Julius II in a bubble of 23 April by the directives to the Earl of Lauria Bernardino Sanseverino to build a new convent in Lower Ward ( current location ) .

1556 The Sanseverino give the county the family of the Barons Exarques . At that time, the city was populated from 2500 souls equal to those of Matera.

On April 10, 1612 by Marcello was born , doctor of civil and canon law and Dorothy Sarubbi gentlewoman , Giovanni Francesco Brancati ( 18 years changed its name twice in Lawrence ) . Become a monk and later Cardinal . It has been considered as one of the most learned men of the seventeenth .

1617 is founded the convent of Friars Minor Capuchin .

Since 1633 the Chapel of the Assumption sull’Armo owned by the Abbot St. Philip , was not suitable for worship, is dismantled and taken to the bell tower of San Filippo.

1640 Bishop Pietro Magri does realize that the bishop’s palace summer habitual residence of the diocesan pastors until at least 1820.

1656 A terrible pestilential disease Naples, imported by troops from Sardinia , decimates the population of the valley of Walnut . In Lauria were counted over a thousand deaths.

Eleanor Exarques died in 1680 without heirs. Because of this , the fief of Lauria is destined to the IRS , and therefore returns to the King that it sells . The Dukes will buy Calà – Ulloa who remain undisputed masters until 1806 when they were swept away by the collapse of the feudal system.

In the 1689 conclave , Cardinal ” Lauria ” by virtue of the high esteem, receives many princes of the Church , the consensus necessary to rise to the Papal throne . The veto of the king of Spain dropped but the choice of Pietro Ottoboni ( Alexander VIII ) . Lorenzo Brancati died shortly after , November 3, 1693.

1735 Charles III of Bourbon, king of Spain , going back to his kingdom , through the lands of Basilicata. The report writes about Lauria : the most noble Duke of Lauria Don Adriano Calà – Ulloa is its lord, the number of inhabitants has more than six thousand , and there are two parishes , a convent of the Capuchin Fathers , a magnificent monastery of the Minor ; Abbey director of St. Philip , there are few doctors , there is a health , justice is administered by the Governor , and , on appeal , by a judge. The Duke receives 72 ducats annually.

1740 A serious landslide hits the city. The church of St. Nicholas is partially destroyed . Nicholas was born in 1761 Charlemagne Joseph and Catherine, middle-class family lauriota . Twenty years after he graduated in law. Liberal convinced , participates in the creation and the establishment of the Neapolitan Republic in 1799. had the role of regulating the various departments of city police.

On November 20, 1770 by Dominic Lentini was born Macario worker and housewife Rosalia Vitarelli . Priest from the great human and spiritual gifts , shared with his people the daily rigors of a forgotten land.

On 5 February 1783 , shortly after noon , the city is terrified by a very strong earthquake . Twelve hours after another shock threw it back into the panic the population.

On March 28, 1783 earthquake again . The people lived in fear of a terrible end.

A 1784 flood caused by the impetuous torrent Cafaro , dragged a dozen people.

1790 Charles Viceconti was born in Lauria to parents belonging to the gentry . He was a great educator , writer and poet . Lauria founded a Masonic lodge known as Pythagoras, antagonist of the other lodge lauriota the Boilermakers.

In February, 1799 in Lauria is hoisted near the present town park ward St. Nicholas, the tree of liberty after the proclamation of the Republic of Naples in Naples (24 January 1799) . He was elected a democratic government by a college of electors. To ensure a Commissioner democratizzatore sent to the new Neapolitan government.

1799 After the fall of the Republic of Naples, the Charlemagne was arrested and hanged in Naples, July 13 in the market square. They continue in 1806 in the city contrasts pro- Bourbon and pro- Jacobins . Some French troops instance Lauria sharpened disputes, dealing with the spirit of the citizens of the occupying power . The Bishop of Policastro in summer holiday , he invited the French officers at a luncheon to pacify the spirits . The French behaved improperly in the palace and in the end, also stole the silverware . Also in the spring, the mayor at the time Joseph Fish was beaten severely by the French accused of mediocre meat supplier . On July 13 , twenty laurioti the upper ward , ostenteranno the Bourbon cockade to whet the French. From that gesture is triggered various riots . The French were the worst. Some were saved by the magnanimity of the Bishop Lodovici.

1806 The French general Massena , helping in the field of Napoleon Bonaparte, puts fire to the city August 7 that , with a certain presumption probably convinced to escape Massena ‘s troops bombarded the castle Ruggiero uninhabited as a warning . He sent two MPs in the city that were not heard. In the end, the general enraged ” arrogance lauriota ” , took action. Were burned homes , churches and archives. The population was halved . General De Montigny- Turpin Lauria called ” a fiery furnace .” At the end of 9000 there were 700 residents , the same of Matera. The repression of the ” Phrygian caps ” was inexorable.

On August 2, 1806 Joseph Bonaparte , Napoleon’s delegation , stripped of all the feudal privilege and power. The feuds were abolished . Lauria has lost the title of the county and the seat of the district purchased in 1740. Thus began a new phase of history for the city. Summarize Lauria (1180-1338) ; Accounts Sanseverino (1339-1556) ; Exarques Barons (1556-1680) , and finally the Dukes Calà – Ulloa ( 1680-1806 ) . The Barons Lauria , of Norman origin, were in their Gibel founder, at least for what concerns the estate of the same name , in Richard an exponent of all relief, and Ruggiero , the most illustrious . The Sanseverino , also descendants of the Norman lords were more fiefs (Salerno , Potenza, Matera) . In the branch lauriota necessarily be mentioned Stephen and Barnabas . Accounts of Lauria. The Exarques were of Spanish origin , like the last feudal lords of Lauria, the Calà – Ulloa.

1806 is the first newspaper printed in Lauria, Basilicata . The magazine is called ” The present time .” At the beginning of the next century will print other newspapers.

1807 By order of the French general Searnose , the bell placed on the Abbey of St. Philip , is placed on the bell tower of St. Nicholas after a payment of 100 ducats pocketed by the general.

In 1808 the district Galdo , a squad of soldiers (perhaps mercenaries Polish ) escorting a convoy of military décor is totally killed by robbers fell into the fray even a lady who was traveling with the convoy to join her husband , a French officer in Cosenza . A Lauria dominated the robbers families Palladino , Priante , Cozzi , Rend , Cricket, Chiappetta . After the 1809 massacre , the city resources . He was elected a mayor for the whole territory. The previous year had been set up public education , with the appointment of two teachers , an absolute novelty in those days. But the vengeance of the French , however, was thin , Lauria is deleted from every division of the new zonal offices of breath.

1815 The French left Lauria after being camped for about 10 years. There were many atrocities committed mitigated by the bishop and the priest Lentini organizes a procession of penance.

On 25 February 1828 the priest Lentini died in the odor of sanctity . There were many miraculous and unexplainable things that happened during the funeral.

1828 Occurs another landslide landslide . In that year the population numbered 8357 units.

On 2 January 1831 a terrible earthquake shook the city at 15.00 . The duration of the earthquake is about 20 seconds.

1835 Born September 3, 1835 Nicholas Miraglia . He graduated in Law now highlighting his superior intelligence . He became General Manager of the Ministry of Agriculture. On 6 November 1892 he was elected deputy in the College of Lagonegro.

1838 A decree of Ferdinand II elevated the judged Regio di Lauria in ” Judged First Class ” Lauria regained the rank of District Court . The royal court did so, returning to the city , the last one was killed during the sack in 1806.

1876 ​​Pope Pius IX gave a sort of holy year and consequential indulgence to all those who will visit the church of San Giacomo , whenever the feast of the patron would fall on a public holiday . The perpetual ecclesiastical privilege is carved on a tombstone in the parish church.

1896 Secretary of the Treasury shall appoint the Commander Luzzati Nicholas Miraglia Director of Banco di Napoli in serious crisis . The Lauriota saved him and relaunched . He was an honorary citizen of Naples. During the ceremony , the distinguished clinical Antonio Cardarelli , world-renowned doctor said warmly : the greatest physician are you, who knew how to heal the Banco di Napoli. Victor Emmanuel III appointed him Count . He died March 26, 1928 . A Lauria was created in 1900 the first hydroelectric power plant Lucania.

1900 is closed, the bishop’s palace . A few years later became the residence for an order of nuns.

1915 Many young people leave for the First World War. Later in the ’30s will be many who will participate in the laurioti Italian colonial wars.

1919 is completed the construction of City Hall, exactly in the middle between the two districts . In the past papers of the municipal offices were moved into a ward for six , and the remaining half in the other district , a sign of a certain rivalry and parochialism that around 1905 and at the end of the ’60s led to very considerable friction between groups citizens who demanded the establishment of two separate municipalities.

1922 Minister Francesco Saverio Nitti visit the city and take part in a rally that went down in history as the ” discourse of Lauria .” The statesman ridiculed over fascism . It was not a good prophet.

1928 Work begins on the construction of the railway Calabria-Lucania, which ends in the thirties . A few years after its foundation in 1929 , closes the Banca Popolare di Lauria because of the great crisis that struck the country.

1934 Arrives in Lauria visiting a battalion of the Army, Prince Umberto of Savoy ( unfortunate future king of Italy). The resort Camp ( between Pecorone and the cemetery) , he moved to the gardens of St Nicholas ward . He then went to the foot of the Monument to the Fallen of World War I , and finally heard Mass in the Church of St. James. Citizenship reserved to the king’s son a rapturous welcome . A noblewoman from Piazza Plebiscito hugged him and kissed him on the neck. Many lauriote fell in love with him.

1943 Around 10 of 7 September , the city was bombed by the British , to inflict a severe blow to the Germans from Hitler’s retreat. Killed 37 civilians. The neighborhood of Ravita is destroyed.

1946 The laurioti are called to speak for the Republic and the Monarchy . A lauria wins it . In the rest of Italy no.

1949 It strengthens the inexorable flight from Italy to many citizens out of work. I choose laurioti especially South America.

On 27 October 1966 a military fighter of the Italian Air Force 36 Squadron , took off from Gioia del Colle base area falls in the district of Silk . He died young pilot Lt. Antonio Bedin.

On 2 February 1969 a group of laurioti led by Don Gaetano Giordano pastor of St. James, departed for Belize destroyed by the earthquake. A Partanna , Sicily , distribute blankets and various clothing.

1973 is inaugurated on May 1, a modern city hospital private agreement that is subsequently acquired by the Region of Basilicata.

On 14 October 1977 on the motorway viaduct near the intersection of North Lauria , killed 11 members of the same family . The Casamento were Sicilians who were returning from Pescara.

1980 A terrible earthquake invests Campania and Basilicata November 23 . Even in Lauria there are damages. No result for citizens.

In April 1982 the new earthquake . Slight damage.

1988 Boom of the local television stations in the city. In a few months born three broadcasters that characterize the social and political activities ( Telelauria , TeleOasi , TvLucana ) . All close in 1994.

On 15 January 1996 the parents of Walter Limongi , 8 years old , decided to donate the organs of their son. The episode has bearing on regional pages and moves citizenship . On 5 November the following year another young man, Nicholas Ferraro, revives the hope of a better existence in some other lives.

On October 12, 1997 in St. Peter’s Square , the Venerable Dominic Lentini was beatified by Pope John Paul II. Thousands of laurioti go to Rome with hundreds of coaches. Many laurioti around the world will meet in the eternal city On July 23, 1997 a terrible fire affects the ridge dell’Armo . It spreads panic among the population . The city is full of ash. After several days, the aircraft have because of the flames. Touched the massacre . The ridge is layered with stone guard networks.

On September 9, 1998 , a shock of 8 degrees on the Mercalli scale affects the city. A lot of the damage. Hundreds the evacuation orders . The replies to the first shock does not count and will continue for months.

The 1998 edition of the Via Crucis in period costume . And ‘ the only – Lagonegro Tursi whole Diocese .

The 1998 edition of the event known as ” The Admiral week.”

1999 For the first time in the history of almost a century of the Cycling Tour of Italy, the city hosts a stage of the Giro d’Italia ( May 20) . The 19 biggest festival on the main streets through which the champions of the two wheels.

1999 On the occasion of the bicentenary of the Neapolitan Revolution is remembered the sacrifice of lauriota Nicola Carlomagno , with a series of initiatives . Lauria arrives at the occasion, the President of the Chamber Luciano Violante . Favorite from the 1999 funding for the Jubilee of 2000 , the area of the Assumption and that of his native district of Blessed Dominic Lentini are requalify for the satisfaction of the citizens, particularly the Archbishop of Catanzaro Archbishop Antonio Cantwell and the Bishop of Melfi Bishop Vincenzo Cozzi, laurioti children between the most linked to sites lentiniani.

1999 Lauria is elevated to city. The decree was signed by the Presidents Ciampi and D’ Alema. On 23 January 2002 a serious landslide part dell’Armo . You count the damage but fortunately no casualties.

2012 A lauriota presents the Sanremo Festival is Rocco Papaleo.

2013 A lauriota was elected President of the Regional Council of Basilicata is Marcello Pittella.