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At the foot of the building there is a small church Marangoni really extraordinary . For a long time , due to the earthquake, the small place of worship was no longer visitabie . Thanks to the Superintendent, in May 2012, has been a amazing discovery . While the works were carried out , behind a small wall behind the altar is a fresco was discovered well-preserved risalenete the second half of 600. The painting is composed of four holy icons : the Madonna and Child, St. John the Baptist , St. Anthony and St. Peter. During the restoration of this artwork (2013) it was discovered in 2012 under the fresco irtrovato another painting that could be traced back to the ’500 (1521 ? ) . In the chapel there is a ligno poster with the inscription ” Noli Me Tangere . Degrees in 1610 ” and the coat of arms of the Sanseverino . There is also a canvas on which stands an image of the Eucharist and Saints John and Metteo . On the left wall is a shrine visibli dated 1631 in which the mortal remains of the noble Giovanni Battsita mazzei priest and his brother John Peter, quest’utimo died at age 35 in 1629 , and moved to Rome after Lauria .


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affresco chiesa san giovanni battista